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Our Team

CBYF Youth Innovators 

The Youth Innovators consists of 21-30 youth (i.e. between the ages of 15 and 30) who currently either live and/or work in Oxford County. Youth council members represent diverse backgrounds, life experiences, and perspectives, and are from various municipalities in Oxford County. While we are still recruiting for volunteers, these are the municipalities represented:

  • Woodstock

  • Tillsonburg 

  • Ingersoll

  • Norwich 

  • Blandford-Blenheim 

  • South-West Oxford 


The role of the Youth Innovators is to aid in identifying the needs of youth in our community and selecting priority areas that will guide the development of community-based efforts to bridge these gaps. They will also assist in the implementation of these projects by collaborating with other youth and stakeholders in the community. They are the idea makers and the heart of this project. 

CBYF Community Allies

The Community Allies consist of representatives from 14 local organizations. The role of the Community Allies is to provide guidance, resources, and access to community networks throughout this initiative. They are also tasked with supporting the implementation of priority areas and big projects identified and created by the Youth Innovators. Current Community Allies organizations include:


The goal of SPCO is to bring people together to actively participate in social development to improve the quality of life of Oxford County residents.  

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London District Catholic School Board offers a complete academic program in an environment that integrates learning, religious instruction, Gospel values, and spiritual formation into all aspects of the curriculum. The schools have strong links to parishes. ​The London District Catholic school system has 43 elementary and 9 secondary schools providing a full range of education experiences from Junior Kindergarten through to the completion of sec​ondary school. In addition, Continuing Education for adult learners is available.

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Oxford County is where the CBYF initiative will be implemented. Oxford County has worked on many projects for youth in Oxford County, ranging from housing to food and financial help. 


CES is a non-profit organization that aids youth, job seekers, employers and students with youth job connections, career assessment, financial assistance for extra training, and matching job seekers up with employment opportunities.


Community Options for Justice (Oxford) provides non-residential, justice-based programs for youth and adults in Oxford County. They strive to enable youth who are in conflict with the law to develop skills and strategies to improve coping and increase changes in lifestyle choices through community work, education, and skill development programming.


Fanshawe College offers training and education in a variety of fields to youth and adults in Oxford County and beyond. They work to provide youth and students with transferable skills and graduate attributes that will serve them well in their future lives, whatever their future looks like. 


The CMHA Thames Valley Addiction and Mental Health Services (TVAMHS) is an integrated mental health and addiction agency that provides community-based support and services to children, youth and adults in Oxford, Middlesex and Elgin Counties. They look to build resilience for all through positive mental health and freedom from addiction. 


LEADS provides specialized services for youth and adults with employment-related barriers in Oxford County and throughout Southwestern Ontario. They work with employers who have hiring needs to screen, match and on-board employees. They also provide youth and adults with financial support for training that is needed for their careers. 


The Tillsonburg Multi-Service Center promotes high quality accessible community services to promote individual, economic and community wellness in Oxford County. They have full year-round programs for youth in search of employment services. They also assist with housing services as well as language and literacy support for youth and adults in Oxford County.


CAS Oxford provides protection and care for children in need of safety (those under the age of 18). They provide guidance, counseling and other services to families to ensure child welfare. CAS Oxford also aids families and children in service navigation with hospitals, schools, police and other social service agencies.


Wellkin provides mental health services for children, youth and their families. Wellkin takes a heavy hand with youth engagement and their Youth Engagement Advisory strives to help youth improve youth wellbeing and empowerment, build leadership and life skills, and build connections and mentorship within their community. Wellkin provides youth with the space to determine and lead projects to help reduce stigma and improve youth mental health and wellness.


TVDSB houses many of the public schools located in Oxford County. They commit to providing a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment where students are encouraged to advocate for themselves and others. TVDSB also connects us to many of the teachers and staff that are partners in education.


SWPH works with community agencies, health and social services and other local partners to ensure the health of the residents of Oxford and Elgin Counties. They respond to public health emergencies and aid in the promotion of healthy lifestyles and aim to improve health for everyone. 


The Fusion Youth Centre provides a place for youth (aged 15-18) to engage, interact and participate in supervised, structured programs facilitated by trained staff.

CBYF Staff Team

The Project Lead provides structure and coordination to the CBYF initiative, Leadership Table and Youth Council. They provide supervision to the Youth Engagement Lead and the Youth Interns. The Project Lead helps in the development and implementation of projects, coordinates collaborative efforts with organizations and youth in the community and guides and makes decisions around the CBYF initiative while ensuring youth voices are heard. 


The Youth Engagement Lead provides mentorship and support to the CBYF Youth Council members. They help to build awareness and involvement around CBYF Oxford through one-on-one engagement, presentations, events and marketing (in-real life and social media). 


The team of Youth Interns assists with engaging youth in the community, building awareness and collaboration to the CBYF initiative and takes a major role in the implementation and development of projects and initiatives. At each Leadership Table meeting, Youth Interns attend as the youth representatives to ensure the voices of the youth council are at the heart of our initiative. Youth Interns assist in all parts of the CBYF initiative ranging from marketing, event planning, evaluation, and much more. 

To join our team!

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