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Productivity Tips for Procrastinators

Procrastination is a bad habit that can quickly take over many aspects of your life. You can feel overwhelmed, and feel like you did it to yourself! Good news is that it is not incurable. The first step is to acknowledge that you do in fact struggle with procrastination. Then, it’s all about putting in the work to prevent instances where you can procrastinate.

Here, we’re going to share some tips and tricks for procrastinators. These won’t cure your procrastination, but they will be a first step to do so:

Do just one thing at a time - don’t overwhelm yourself.

Procrastinators need focus, however, often we let things go till the last minute, this means that we try to do too much at a time, which can overwhelm even the best of us. So, focusing on one thing at a time would allow for your stress levels to go down. Break down tasks into smaller chunks so that you are not feeling intimidated. To keep the pattern going, reward yourself after you’re done your one task.

Create a non-negotiable schedule/timeline

Don’t let your excuses win. Create a timeline that is non-negotiable and does not budge whatever the case may be. Sit down and get your stuff done. Do the Five Minute Miracle, where you do a task in 5 minute intervals and disperse it throughout the day, if you’re having a really hard time. Remember, small action is still action.

Kill it with kindness

Research says the more you can forgive yourself for past procrastination, the more likely you are to overcome current procrastination and take action. Avoid the perfectionism complex and stop working with an ‘all or nothing’ mindset. Be kind to yourself, sometimes the idea of achieving perfection alone comes with so much anxiety that it makes you procrastinate.

Have a Procrastination Power Song

Have a playlist that “pumps you up”, or “a coffee and chill” playlist that makes you feel like you’re at a cute café trying to get your work done. Use music, and moods to romanticize the tasks you’re doing. It’ll make the task go faster.

Get to the root cause

Why are you procrastinating? Reflect on this.

Are you tired? Burnt out? Are you interested in what you are learning? Do you have trouble making it make sense? What are you fearful of? What are you really avoiding?

Get a notebook, and answer each question as honestly as you can. Procrastination can be a way of your mind and body trying to tell you something. Listen closer.

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