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Our Mission, Vision, & Values 


To improve high school graduation rates and youth outcomes in Oxford County


Youth in Oxford County will feel a sense of belonging in our community and hope for their future. They will be empowered to set and achieve their goals, and actively participate in the systems and processes that affect them.


  1. Youth-led 
    We will center youth as the leaders when identifying needs and gaps, as well as when selecting priorities and project ideas to achieve CBYF’s goals.

  2. Collaboration 
    We will build strong relationships with each other and the community, and work together to build solutions for challenges facing youth in Oxford County that our community can trust.

  3. Building on Community Strengths 
    We will use, support, and enhance the assets to build on the individual, organizational, and community strengths already existing in Oxford County.

  4. Accessibility 
    We will reduce or remove all barriers to accessing and participating in the process of and projects implemented as part of CBYF.

  5. Learning 
    We commit to ongoing learning and evaluation with and from our community to ensure CBYF projects are meeting their identified purpose and the needs of youth in Oxford County.


A plan on a page is a one-page summary of the key elements of an initiative. Check out ours below: 

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