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Youth Needs

How did we get the information?

To learn more about the needs and gaps for youth, the strengths of our community in how we serve youth, and recommendations for moving forward, we asked a variety of members of the community for their feedback, thoughts, and experiences. This supported us in identifying what needs to be addressed as a priority in Oxford County.

Feb '22 

The first event was held on February 10, 2022 where over 30 members of Oxford County came together for a Virtual Site Visit to learn about CBYF and what the work might entail, and begin discussions on the issues impacting youth. Of those who attended this event, 59% were youth. 

May '22 

The next event held  on May 14, 2022, was the Youth Futures Conference, which brought together youth, parents, and youth service providers in the community to discuss gaps in Oxford County. The community conversations helped us receive significant feedback on what our priority areas should be, and to get opinions from youth on the significant barriers they face in graduating high school. 

May '22 

Also in May 2022, we launched a Youth Survey on the specific strengths and challenges in the education system and our community. 

May '22 

We also began focusing on gathering the perspective of Teachers and Guidance counsellors in Oxford County through a survey, particularly on how high school life varies for each student and ways to accommodate student success.

May '22

At the end of May, various members of CBYF Oxford reviewed previous reports about challenges related to youth in our community  to identify key recommendations that may  still be present in Oxford County.

June '22 

Then on June 8, 2022, we had a focus group for youth service providers to understand their viewpoint as they work closely in serving some of the most marginalized youth in our community. 

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